Turkey Work Permit & Residence Permit

Turkey Work Permit & Residence Permit

When establishing business with foreing partners, it’s required to have a work permit for foreign partners and foreign company managers ( Turkey ) . The company must fulfil the conditions below for the work permit.

Work and Residence Permit in Turkey

It’s required issued capital of company must be at least 100.000 TL or gross sales must be at least 800.000 TL or the export amount of last year must be at least 250.000 USD.

  • In the company that demanded work permit, employing at least 5 (five) Turkish Citizen is mandatory for each foreign partner. For foreign partners who demanding permit, the five-people employment condition is required as the last six months of 1-year work permit. If work permit is demanded for more than one foreigner in the same company, it’s required employing apart 5 (five) Turkish Citizen for each foreigner after the first foreigner who has taken work permit.

While establishing business, it’s not required to have work permits for foreign partners. It’s possible to apply for work permit after establishing business.


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