The Cost of Establishing Business in Turkey

The Cost of Establishing Business in Turkey

For foreign citizens or companies, there is no legal obstacle for establishing business in Turkey. The Cost of Establishing Business in Turkey could vary in terms of number of company partners, capital stock and business segment, but calculation of average cost is as follows. The example is given for establishing company.

Sample Data;

  • Number of company partners: 1 (Person)
  • Number of manager: 1
  • Capital Stock: 100.000 TL
  • Sector: Wholesale

The translation and notary the documents in Turkey cost about 600 USD  which are demanding in the process of preparation for establishing . This amount is calculated for each person.  The documents regarding translation and notary transactions of legal entities costs about 1.300 USD.

  • Preparing and notarising articles of incorporation 200 USD,
  • Tax payable for capital 100.000  *4 / 10,000 = 40 TL ( 14 USD )
  • Registration fee for Chamber of Commerce: 450 USD
  • Fee of notarising official records: 150 USD
  • Statement of Signature for Company Manager : 70 USD
  • Public Accountant Deputation: 40 USD
  • Preparing Invoices: 50 USD
  • Consultancy fee of Business Establishment: 650 USD

The costs increases 200 USD  for each additional partner and 350 USD for each additional manager. For joint companies, the average costs are 25% more than limited companies. The prices include VAT.

In establishing process of business, it’s required to tie up 25% of your capital to bank. After establishing business, the tie up will be cancelled and money will transfer your corporate account.

The documents of all payments in the process of business establishment for you  will give you, also the invoice will be providing for our consultancy fee.

This text is written for information purposes. Tariffing may be different for each company.

You can contact us for your questions and detailed information about the Costs of Establishing Business in Turkey. ( You may ask your questions in Turkish, English, French, Arabic and Russian. )