Turkey Tax And Payroll Management

Turkey Tax And Payroll Management

Turkey Payrolling Consultancy

Recently, PAYROLLING works are conducting by expert firms. By this way, the human resources departments can focus on training, organization, performance assesment and career planning activites which are fundamental duties of them.

By this way, foundations can resolve the cost of creating hardware and system, discard possible regulation risks while calculating fees, and conduct a delicate subject like salaries withing the scope of privacy.

Services Below ;

  • Preparing staff salary budget
  • Setting comparative detailed papers with staff salary payments
  • Calculating and printing Payrolls
  • Setting SGK declarations, informing to instutition
  • Preparing İş-Kur papers and informing to instutition
  • Conducting processes of starting and leaving from business, calculating compensations and preparing acquittances

Will stop being a firm weight.

With PAYROLL services, it’s not required to employ staff on human resources department to perform that kind of works, also time saving and cost minimization will be provided while taking executive decisions.

With PAYROLL services, if required,we  are providing consultancy services on preparing salary rise system and charts, submitting as report, creating and following staff continuation system.

The stages of PAYROLL system;

  • Completing of existing staff data entry
  • Preparing staff personal file
  • Entering checking data of staff
  • Preparing payroll as regulatory compliance
  • Processing payoff transactions through the bank
  • Monthly SGK periodical transactions
Turkey Turkey Tax Consultancy

Turkey Turkey Tax Consultancy

Turkey Tax Consultancy

  1. Institutional Tax Legislation Consultancy
  • General informing and consultancy concerning basic Turkish Tax Law (Income Tax Law, Tax Procedure Law, Value Added Tax Law etc.)
  • Technical informing and consultancy concerning the changes on fiscal legislation in cases where required solution inherence to each companies’ activities.
  • Analyzing and evaluating of committed agreements ( licence, royalty, technical service, expense sharing, dealer agreements, share transfer agreements) from the point of taxational obligations. Technical support and consultancy about regular responses and determining following manners  of official letters like demanding knowledge text from Tax Administration and deficiency letter.
  • Consultancy to correspond between regulations and evaluating the relationships of Banking Law, Capital Markets Law and Tax Legislation related analyzing and evaluating taxational aspect of debt policies of companies.
  • Technical support and consultancy indenting upon written statement (advance ruling / ruling) from Tax Administration in cases where hesitant situations occur.
  1. International Tax Consultancy Service

I.Avoiding Double Taxation Agreements (ÇVÖA) Regulation

  • Analyzing taxational aspect of the payments made with reference to providing services for companies in Turkey to foreign instutitions for taxational analysis of activities which constitute “Workplace”
  • In several situations, technical support and consultancy about stoppage return as part of ÇVÖA and analyzing and practising the methods(exemption, clearing) and procedures (mutual agreement, information exchange) of avoiding double taxation

II.Transfer Pricing

  • Analyzing of relevant institute transactions
  • Price comparison
  • Risk analysis and suggestions within the scope of the rules of local and ÇVÖA regulations

III.Other International Tax Application Areas                                                                                             

  • Taxational aspect of international financial leasing
  • Evaluating international capital, securities and merchandise movements in the sense of taxational and other financial obligations (Cambium, Foreign Trade Regulations etc.)
  • Regulation of Free Zones and Techno cities
  • Discretionary capital analysis of multinational/foreign capital companies
  1. Tax Planning
  • Informing and suggestions to use tax incentives and exemptions in fiscal legislation as optimum level
  • Technical support and consultancy while creating tax planning models considering taxational conditions of company activities
  • Technical support and consultancy about strategic tax planning for multinational companies
  1. Consultancy About Cambium, Incentives, Foreign Capital Regulations Issues
  • Consultancy about Legislation of Protection of Value of Turkish Currency
  • Obligations and applications regarding Resource Utilization Support Fund
  • Consultancy about Investment Incentive Legislation ( investment allowance exemption, VAT exemption, tax-levy-charge exemption etc.)
  • Other tax incentives
  • Consultancy about Regulation for Implementation of Foreign Direct Investment Law